What Makes The PitchPack Special?

A new marketing tool

The PitchPack is exciting. It’s different.

Video embedded in a print brochure.

Be the first in your industry to get the PitchPack engagement advantage.

Grow existing business

Do your current clients know the full range of services or products you offer?  Open a PitchPack and the instant video playback showcases your capabilities.

Add videos lasting up to 17 minutes.  Know you’ve got your message across.

Develop new opportunities

Do you need to get noticed?  Stand out from the crowd using a PitchPack.

Send by mail, use as trade show collateral, or a pitch leave-behind – in every case PitchPack is memorable and effective.



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Video Brochures By PitchPack are simply video in a card. By combining both video and print technology, they bring together the immediacy of video with the depth of print.
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How PitchPack grows SnapComms sales

PitchPacks worked brilliantly at a recent industry exhibition, they are a fantastic way to grab attention, to give prospects something to take away to show others and to stay top of mind. Having seen such a great reaction first-hand we are now planning to use PitchPacks for targeted outbound prospecting initiatives
Sarah Perry, COO and Founder, SnapComms

PitchPack for Public Relations

Today everyone wants instant information. Video is a powerful medium, and Pitchpacks put your message directly into a prospect's hand for maximum impact. The screen resolution is exceptionally crisp and sound quality is excellent. It's a unique concept that is sure to deliver a big wow factor.
Sarah Palombo, PR/Marketing Consultant, Avery Public Relations

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“I just showed one of the video brochures to one of our partners. They were delighted and said it would really help them explain the Automated Processing benefits. I’ve no doubt we’ll be doing more with you in the future”

Scott Addington

New Product Benefits

Field Marketing, EMEA North, Kofax

“What you produced is perfect for helping us provide a flavour of what people can expect from our new World War One Infographic App. Nice job” 

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